#6 something called optic flow

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By this point in our evolutionary history, we all know walking is good for us. Yet, many of us still leave this fundamental component of health up to whatever we manage to squeak in while walking around the house, to and from work (if that’s even happening), or while running errands.

We may think we counteract the amount of time we spend sitting with a 30–60-minute gym session, but our bodies weren’t designed to sit all day and then push as hard as possible for a brief amount of time.

According to a study in Diabetes,

The average non-exercising person may become even more metabolically unfit in the coming years if they sit too much, thereby limiting the normally high volume of intermittent non-exercise physical activity in everyday life. …

Hint: intermittent fasting helps, and you don’t need to give up carbs

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You may have heard the term metabolic flexibility recently. The concept isn’t new, but the idea has gained more traction on popular websites, as being metabolically flexible is becoming a key marker of health.

Metabolic flexibility’s formal definition is the ability of an organism to respond or adapt according to changes in metabolic or energy demand, as well as the prevailing conditions or activity. …

An important life lesson from whitewater rafting.

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My family and I went whitewater rafting for the first time this summer. That’s us in the picture above. We’re going down the Shoshone rapids of the Colorado River just outside Glenwood Springs, CO. My son is the one at the front with a look of pure joy across his face — my daughter is behind him.

We went out on the river with a group of around 12 boats. It’s here I learned a term I’ve continued to use in my personal life. You see, it’s hard for rafting guides to communicate between boats because the water is loud, and when you’re separated, you may not be able to hear each other. One guide may be shouting, “don’t go over there.” …


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