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how i stay fit
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If the thought of eating a french fry makes you want to gag at the impurity of it all, this article isn’t for you. I’ve been trolled for saying it’s okay to eat candy, you can lose weight eating carbs, and six-pack abs aren’t all that healthy.

I’m far from…

Unconventional advice fitness pros won’t tell you

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Bryan Krahn first tells this story in an article titled, “Survivorship Bias in Fitness,”

When planes began returning to base riddled with bullet holes during WWII, the US Army Air Forces (USAAF) knew it had a problem.

How could they shore up the planes to better protect the crew?


What you should know when the scale makes you say WTF

By Voyagerix

It’s that time of year when millions of us renew our focus on health and lifestyle changes we want to make for the coming year. …

Hint: intermittent fasting helps, and you don’t need to give up carbs

Burn more fat runner
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You may have heard the term metabolic flexibility recently. The concept isn’t new, but the idea has gained more traction on popular websites, as being metabolically flexible is becoming a key marker of health.

Metabolic flexibility’s formal definition is the ability of an organism to respond or adapt according to…

#6 something called optic flow

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By this point in our evolutionary history, we all know walking is good for us. …

You may not like this, but here’s why you should

Close-up Shot of a Beautiful Athletic Woman Looks into Camera. She’s Tired after Intensive Fitness Exercise.
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The night before I ran my fastest marathon, I downed two slices of greasy pepperoni pizza and a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Excited and nervous, my confidence faded when a friend looked at my plate and asked, should you be eating that? I assure you she wasn’t concerned about…

A recent paper says we are, but is it true?

Carbs word on a scale to illustrate eating too much carbohydrates in your diet and needing to cut on snack food and lose weight
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Want to lose weight? Eat fewer calories than you burn, right? Not so fast. …

The science behind short but frequent efforts for improvement

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I signed up to run a marathon when I’d never run a mile. That’s how it started. I measured my progress, not by miles but by lamp posts. Run to the first one, then walk. Run to the tenth and on and on.

I ran that first marathon in slightly…

The answer is yes, and here are a few helpful tips.

Photo by Boryana Manzurova

If you like to wind down with an alcoholic beverage or watch your favorite team over a beer or two, there’s nothing more disheartening than thinking you need to quit entirely to lose weight. Whenever I consult with a new client, the question inevitably comes up. What about alcohol?


Suzie Glassman

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