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  • Amanda Morin

    Amanda Morin

    Director of thought leadership at Understood. Educator, author, speaker, podcast host, mom, special education advocate. Neurodivergent. Often tired.

  • Jessica Reed

    Jessica Reed

    Guardian US features editor. French. 'We can't stop here, this is bat country' - Hunter S Thompson

  • Oona Hanson

    Oona Hanson

    Educator and Parent Coach — supporting parents of teens and tweens.

  • Allison Brooks

    Allison Brooks

    Copy Editor at Understood.

  • Scott Cocchiere

    Scott Cocchiere

    Executive Creative Director @ Understood.

  • Tara Drinks

    Tara Drinks

    Editor at Understood.

  • Gail Belsky

    Gail Belsky

    Editor, writer, author, blogger. Currently executive editor at Understood, where I’ve been since day zero.

  • Andrewleepost


    Editor at Understood.

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