How to Improve Your Day by Planning your Morning

Our mornings may look wildly different than just a few months ago and who knows how much longer (if ever) before we get back to that once familiar grind.

Dog bored and sleepy looking at a desk. How to improve your morning.

But one thing’s for sure, mornings set the mood for the entire day and without some conscious thought into what goes into yours, you could find your days getting away from you and fast.

I’m not a night owl, but I’m also not someone to wake up before the sun rises. I’m not going to say you have to get up an hour before your children (impossible for me, as my daughter is up with the sun no matter what time she goes to bed), nor do you have to meditate and do yoga before you ever have a sip of coffee if that doesn’t float your boat.

But knowing what helps start your day on the right foot will go a long way toward achieving your health and fitness goals.

Right now, many of us are working from home, managing some sort of online schooling for kids, plus serving as full-time chef, housekeeper, P.E. instructor and referee. Even if you’re not doing any of those, you’re living in a state of constant anxiety, worry and disruption.

3 Steps to Feeling Your Best:

Start with how you want the morning to go. What makes you feel your best?

Morning walk. How to improve your morning.
  1. Some people start with some form of meditation. I start with coffee. During this time, I catch up on news and anything my mind can process quickly (like Facebook notifications), and I’ll write out six items to accomplish that day. This organizes my mind and gives me tasks to check off while letting the caffeine kick in. Meditation often does the same — as it allows you to clear your mind and start in a good head space.
  2. Get some morning sunlight. Take a walk before breakfast. Sunlight to your retinas (no sunglasses) helps set your circadian rhythm, and you’ll find yourself better able to sleep at night. Plus, the low intensity cardio encourages your body to use stored body fat as fuel. Win-win!
  3. Knock out your hardest tasks first. Willpower is strongest earlier in the day. Dreading the email you need to write? The call you need to make? Do it now. Same with exercise, if you know you’ll make excuses when you’re tired later in the day, do it early. You’ll feel better when it’s over and off your plate.

I’ve experimented and found what works for me. Do the same and let me how your mood changes for the better!

I would love to hear what works for you! Or if you need some ideas, respond to this article in the comments or hit me up by email.

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